Valerie Aponik
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Winter Grotto 16x12 oil/board 2018 st

From Winter sketch of s stream I visit daily on my walk with the dog.  $650
Winter Katahdin 24x36 oil/canvas studio  2018

Studio work created from study and photos of a ski in to Daicey Pond Baxter State Park.  Commission in private collection
Winter Stream Maine Woods 11x14 oil/board 2018

Painted in Feb. on location very quickly with the essence in color and shape.  $575
Fresh Snowfall 19x12 oil/board 2018

Wet snow formed lacey patterns on the branches after the storm, stillness.  $700.  Available Archipelago Rockland
Winter Birches 14x14 oil/board 2018

So Many colors in the white of snow and birch, beech and ochre add warmth to the landscape.  $650. Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland
Wolf Moon 12x16 2018

New Year's Day 2018 moon rising over frozen bog temps near zero.
Way Below Zero 16x16 oil board 2018

My woodpile gives comfort as the wind howls and temps are below zero.  $700.
Morning Has Broken 18x18 oil/canvas 2017

Rising sun with winter colors seen from my studio window looking out through a backlit spruce. Available Blue Hill Bay Gallery  $800.
Carabassett View of Bigelow 14x18 2016
Tumbledown Center Hills Mount Blue State Park
12x16 2017
Light across the foothills contrasted with cool and majestic Tumbledown Mt. caught my eye. $650.
Spring Melt 12x16 oil/board 2017

A short ski along the brook and I can feel the sun melting snow and adding to the runoff.  $575 Sold
Winter Tide oil/board 9x12
Station Cove oil/board 11x14
Birch Tree Wells oil/canvas 16x16 2017

I see these trees outside my studio second floor.  The heat of the trees creates wells and shadow. $700.
Winter Hike on Bald Mountain 12x16

I snowshoed up Bald Mt. in Oquossoc and caught this glimpse of light on Rangely Lake  $650.
Winter Glow 12x16 2017

From the Flagstaff Hut looking out to Bigelow $650.