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Katahdin From Chimney Pond 16x20 oil/canvas 2018-2019 Studio

Color and knife work was used to create impression of the Peak and Knife Edge.  $775.
Winters Cloak 12x16 2019

Snow is sensuous as it drapes and transforms shapes along the stream
Doubletop Mt. Baxter 12x16 oil/board

Painted from Elbow Pond Flowage just as the clouds began to descend. I expected to see a Moose stroll by.
$650. Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland.Sold
Beaver Cut 12x12 oil/canvas 2018 studio

Part of a series painted this Winter. I am amazed by the power of beavers to transform a landscape.  $500.
Katahdin Bog View 12x16 oil/board 2017
As seen on the road to Daicey Pond Baxter State Park.. $650
Winter Lodging 11x14 oil/board 2017

The beaver hut on the bog under snow so quiet.  $575.
Fall Lodging 
Oil/Canvas 14x18 2016

I can canoe to this location and observe the beaver lodge in a moment of Fall.  $700.
Beaver Dam 12x16 oil/board 2017

I am amazed to see this new dam constructed in the course of a season along a stream in Phillips.  $575.
Tree Wells and Birches 
Oil/Canvas 16x16  2017

This Winter deep snow around the birches sculpted by wind and melt create tree wells.  $700.
Carrabassett View of Bigelow Spring 14x18 oil/board 2016

I skied along Maine Huts and Trails for this view late Winter $700.
Sap House Farmington 11x14 2016

Red roof always catches my attention on this sap house Farmington $575.
Emergence 14x11 oil/board 2016

Winter gives way to warm ochers and sienna and rock walls emerge in Spring.  $575.
Doubletop Baxter State Park  12x19 2016

Every year I paint in Baxter.  Doublet set along the Nessoudunk Stream inspires joy in my heart.  Available Blue Hill Bay Gallery $700.
Maine Huts and Trails View Bigelows 12x19 2016

Bigelow Mt. and its foothills of hardwoods glow in this late  Winter moment.  I was filmed painting this by the Maine Huts Staff. $700.
Top of Bald Mountain View 12x16 2016

This painting is done from a sketch atop of Bald in Oquossoc.  The light on the snow and distant ice and open water give a sense of season. $650.
Mountain Gestalt 12x12 2017

I am experimenting with pure color and form to suggest light on Saddleback.  Clean color and gesture was my aim.  $550.
WinterGlow 12x16 2017

From the Flagstaff Hut near Flagstaff Lake wind blows across the frozen landscape.  studio.  $650.
Phillips Homestead Along The Sandy 
Oil/Board 12x12 2017

A cold day to paint outdoors, but I did it. I liked the light shining through the shed and on the roof..  $550.
Boiling Time At The Sugarhouse 
Oil/Board  12x16 2017

I painted this while Day Mountain owner boiled the sap to make maple syrup.  I could smell the syrup from the vapor.  $650.
Winter Grotto 16x12 oil/board 2018

I found this moment of beauty along a ditch near my driveway as Winter claimed the stream.  $600.
The Bigelows Stratton Brook View 12x16 2019
Study Katahdin From Daicey Pond 

not for sale
Spring Melt 12x16 2017

Streams come to full as snow melts.
Ice Out 2017
Winter Woods 16x16
All Work Copyright Valerie Aponik 2019

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