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Spring At Last 12x16 oil/board 2019

I was looking at the movement of sky, water and rocks glowing in the sunshine of Spring Great Wass Island.  $600
Field of Lupine SW Harbor 12x19 oil/board 2019
Studio work compiling sketches from location as temperatures plunge subzero in my winter studio. Essence of Spring Fever.  $700. Archipelago Rockland
Hunter Beach Acadia 12x16 oil/board 2018

I hiked in to this little beach along a stream and was dazzled by rocks, cliffs and sky.  Studio $600.
Winter Indian River 12x16 oil/panel 2018
First snow November changes this tidal river in a moment. $650.
Summer Porch To Acadia 16x20 oil/canvas 2018

I found this grand view in Hancock. this Fall.   I set up and painted the view looking beyond the porch to Cadillac Mt.  $1000.
Black Mt. and Beyond 16x16 oil/board 2018 studio

Looking at Acadia from Hancock County from a recent Fall hike up Black Mt. $700.  Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland. Sold
Indian River Spring Tide 24x36 oil/canvas 2018
This is one of my larger plein air pieces over several days.  The geese  in the distance were a flock in the foreground. $2500. Archipelago Rockland
The Bigelows from Stratton Brook
Hut 12x16 2019

I skied up to Stratton Brook Hut and found this view of the Bigelows.  Hardwoods in Winter glow in the light .
Hopkins Point Lobster Co.  11x14 oil/board.

The gesture of the figures handling bait on the wharf is a subject that I am drawn to.  Hard and smelly work.
Great Wass Island Boat House 12x16 oil/board 2018

The old Station Cove Coast Guard Boat House, now family cottage.
Corea Harbor Afternoon 12x19 oil/board 2018

This working harbor is always changing, The church, buildings and wharf are an anchor to start the painting.  $700. Roux and Cyr Portland Gallery Portland.
Gearshed Great Wass Island 14x11 2018

Once owned by the Coast Guard, not the shed door is opening to fun adventure.  $575.
The Arrangement 12x16 oil/board 2017

Rocks tell history of time and are nature's perfect still life.  $650. Available Old Creamery Ellsworth
Osprey Nest Spring #2  24x18 oil/canvas 2018
A large canvas painted  on location in a very marshy area.  This evokes the feeling of home for the season $1000. Archipelago Rockland
Garden By The Lake 14x18 oil/board 2018

MJ's garden by Junior Lake, Maine August 2018 $700.
Tidal Colors Summer Day  12x19 oil/board 2018

Perfect Summer day clouds moving tide coming in.  $700.
Meadow Path 11x14 oil/board 2018

This field shows signs of the changing from Spring to Full Summer
Rockport Harbor 16x16  oil/board2018
This is my response to the gestalt of Spring in Rockport.  I found shelter near the stone wall to look up and over.  $700. Available Blue Hill Bay Gallery
Perfect Summer Day 12x16 oil/board 2013 to 2018
Loon Point Jonesport.  This private beach is a place to be quiet and see from here and beyond.  Finally finished.  $650 Available Archipelago Rockland.
Corea Harbor Gray Day 12x16 oil/board 2018

Fog obscured this view for a while, boats in the harbor were out for the day.  $650.
Surf Impression #3 12x19 oil/board

After the hurricanes settled our way, what once was violent was so beautiful.  $700. Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland.
Parkman Mt. Acadia Wetland 18x24 2016-2018
Season's change illuminates the landscape warm and cool color contrast this spot in NE Harbor, ME
Setting Moon 14x11 oil/board 2017

 The setting moon woke me at 3 am.  I liked the passing cloud shifting light.  I did a sketch, but was able to use Suzanne Carver's photograph.  $575.Available Old Creamery.
Ilumenata Moment 12x19 2017

Blueberry Barrens turn brilliant under a break in the clouds on this cold November Day.  Knife and Brush.  $650
Cliffs Hunter's Point  3  18x14 oil/canvas 2017

This is the fourth painting, and largest done on the Cooksey Dr. location.  I wanted to convey the drama of the pink granite and it's variations.  $700.  Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland.
Osprey Nest 14x11 2017 studio

Towards Sullivan this nest was an endless source of study and entertainment watching the osprey come and go.  $575.
Lubec Smokehouses 12x12 oil/board 2017

Efforts to save the legacy of the smokehouses along Lubec's waterfront, bits of red paint and the trio caught my eye  $500.
Quiet Cove In Fog oil/canvas 18x24

Painting in fog, I look for the warm notes that are so beautiful in all of the grays of fog.  $900. Available Roux and Cyr Gallery, Portland
Old Coast Guard Boat House 12x19 2017

The boat house seems so grand in the quiet cove.  $700.
Convergence Loon Point 12x19 2017

This beach has sand dunes dividing salt from freshwater.  I love the sweep of the grasses. $700.  Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland,
Meeting In The Fog 14x18 2016

Fog is my constant companion on Great Wass Island.  I can still hear the ducks chortle in the cove.  $660.
Island Symphony 24x24 oil/canvas 2017

This is the second painting done from a plein air sketch I was sorry to sell. Gallery Wrap unframed $1300.
Island Beach Grass 12x16 oil/board 2017

Ripe grasses and witness of pure Maine Summer.  Available Woodwind Gallery $650.
Jonesport Past and Present 16x20 oil/canvas 2018

Wildflowers grow between a retired truck and fish house. $750
Schoodic Conversation 14x18 oil/board 2018

As rain threatens this couple seemed content to watch the drama unfold over Schoodic and Cadillac Mt.  $700.
Destiney Bay Cutler 12x19 oil/board 2019  studio

This salt water farm is a popular hiking spot along the beach. $700 Woodwind Gallery Machias
Cobscook Bay Sheep 12x16 

Plein air gestalt of sheep grazing in the Springtime.  $575.
Walk In The Fog oil/board 14x18 2018

Fog changes forms as they come and go.  Painting on location is like being in a poem.  $700   Available Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland.
Island View To Acadia 18x24 oil/canvas 2019
Studio work from study Sulllivan to Acadia.  $1000. Archipelago Rockland
Norton Cove Great Wass Island 20x24 oil/canvas 2019

High tide and afternoon light from my home Great Wass Island.  $1300.Archipelago Rockland
All Work is copyright  Valerie Aponik 2019
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