Valerie Aponik
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Granite Fog And Roses Acadia 14x11 2019

Along the Loop Rd Acadia stunning view looking down and beyond.  $450. Available Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland
From Blueberry Hill 12x16 oil/board 2018

Spectacular View of Pleasant River Addison  $650 available Star Gallery
Hunter Cliffs Seal Harbor # 4 12x16 oil/board 2017

Maine's granite shoreline bold and beautiful.  $650.  Available Creamery Ellsworth
Clam Pickers 12x16 oil/board 2018

  AC Carver Inc. on Beals Island. This clam shell midden is often visited by crows.  They flew away at first, but soon become used to my set up near by. $575.
Beaver Dam 2 12x16 2017

This Fall, I discovered the second dam constructed by the beavers. New house too.  $650.
Runoff To The Sea 14x14 2017

A freshwater pond flows to the ocean through the dunes and seagrass this Spring.  Crisp and clean Spring.  $575.
Red Buoy and Goldenrod 
Oil/Board 12x19 2016

Great Was Island channel red to right with golden glows along the shore drew me in with my palette knife. $650. Available Woodwind Gallery
Wescogus Hill View 12x19 2016

Looking toward Addison, blueberries are ready to pick.  $650.
Grand Manaan Movement 
Oil/Board 12x16 2016

June painting trip, staying at my friend's camp atop of the cliffs and beyond.  $575.
Dungarvin Barren 12x16
DunGarvin Rd. Jonesport. 12x19 oil/board 2016

Blueberry Barrens along the Mason Bay sparkle in Fall with red, contrast with cool ocean and Islands. $700.Sold
September Dungarvin Barren 16x16 oil/board 2017

This field always inspires, and is different as the season progresses. Spots of color vibrate!
Tidal Passage Slate Island 12x19  2016

Poppies In Provence 30x40 oil/canvas 2015

Painted from a plein air study near Arles, France.  $3000. Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland
October Moment 11x14 2016

Gray day on the barrens and so much color.  $575. Sold
Morning Glimpse MDI 12x16 2016

From Porcupines Following Church oil/board 11x14

Painted from The Hop, one of the Porcupines  Acadia  $575.
Season and Tide oil/board 2016

Addison Hill looks over Indian River at low tide.  So peaceful. $650.
September Maine Coast 14x14 oil/board

I liked the vegetation and grasses along this Beals Island Beach.  $600.
Walk Along Summer Beach 30x40

Study was painted after a kayak trip to Browney Island.  Cadillac is exaggerated in the distance as seen from DownEast.  $2400
Treeline Along The Barren 12x19 oil/board

Looking Up the Barren,  Birches and Spruce seemed regal to me.  $700.
All Work Copyright Valerie Aponik

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