Valerie Aponik
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Joan's Garden On The Ledge 12x19 oil/board 2018

A surprise in the fog behind the shed, full of lilies.  $700. Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland
 Island Garden 24x24 oil on canvas 2017

This garden was painted from a plein air sketch.  Dr. Charles Richard's Great Wass Island Garden  $1320. Available Roux and Cyr Portland,Sold
Wild Iris 12x16 2017

A good year for iris.  They grow naturally by the sea, between ledges. $575.
Mary's Sunflowers 16x16 2017

Late Fall and sunflowers note passing time, weight of gravity.  $700.
Serviceberry Spring 14x18 oil/board 2017

Grand time during the Spring blooming of June berry tree.  $650
Norton's Crabapple 12x12 oil/board 2017

After a winter painting snow, the pink of the flowering crab was a feast for my eyes.  Masses of color and texture with brush and knife.  $500.
Richard's Garden 9x12 oil/board 2016

Island shed and greenhouse and the full glory of Chuck Richard's work.  $475. Available at Old Creamery.Sold
Chucks Final Show oil/board 12x16

Not For Sale
Field of Splendor 18x24 oil/canvas

Deblois barrens in late Fall blaze with color after the blueberry harvest. $1100.  Blue Hill Bay Gallery
Richard's Garden Spring  oil/board 12x16
Fireweed By The Pound 14x11 2016

Simplify light through the fireweed to salt water pound. $500.
Sheep and Dodge Farm  oil/canvas 

Available Blue Hill Bay Gallery.  $1100/
Moss Garden 12x16 oil/board 2015

This is one of many attempts at painting mosses.  Great Wass Island, Dr. Richards garden.  No in the hands of his heirs.  $650.