Valerie Aponik
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Working Waterfront 12x12 oil/board 2018
View from Moosabec Mussels of Wharf and rockweed boat moored. I was drawn to the light and grouping of buildings.  $500. Sold
Unoccupied 12x12 2017

Jonesport has a few houses on the shoreline that tell stories of past inhabitants.  $550. Available Archipelago, Rockland
Seaside Restaurant Lubec 12x19 2017

Island Inn On The Wharf caught my eye with bright red umbrellas out sweeping to the bay $700.
Good Lines oil/board  12x16 2016

This building sits on the Addison Landing.  I enjoyed the different planes and lines.  $650.
Jonesport Waterfront 12x25 2015

This is a favorite view from the Jonesport/Beals bridge  $750. Available Woodwind Gallery
George's Wharf 11x14  oil/board

This set of buildings no longer exist on Beals Island. George Drisko's wharf.  I loved the red and gray building pair.  $575.
 Honoring The Jonesport Beals Bridge 16x20 
Built in 1950s this bridge is slated to be replaced 2017.  These working waterfront buildings will be preserved.
Jonesport Bridge 12x16 2016-18

Just finished this painting for a show to honor the Jonesport Beals Bridge, I enjoyed the light peeking under the bridge.  $575.
Boiling Time 12x16 2017

Maple syrup operation in West Farmington.  $650.
Will's Place 12x16 2017

There is an untold story in this old Jonesport home.  I liked the contrast of the time worn wood and peeling paint job that never finished. $650.
The Butter House 12x19 2017

Charles Beal's place on the Island added color to this Spring Day.  $650 Available Roux and Cyr Gallery
Jonesport Waterfront 12x19 2017

Looking from Rosemary Lane Jonesport.  $700.
Lubec Smokehouses Trio 12x12 oil/board
By The Back Shed 11x14
DownEast Institute Pound 12x19
Flake Point Bar 11x14 oil/board
Old Coast Guard House 12x19 oil/board 2018

Station Cove Great Wass Island $700.
Rockport Harbor 16x16 oil/board

Spring Gestalt. $700. Available Blue Hill Bay Gallery