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Doubletop Mt. Baxter 12x16 oil/board

Painted from Elbow Pond Flowage just as the clouds began to descend. I expected to see a Moose stroll by.
$650. Roux and Cyr Gallery Portland.Sold
Beaver Cut 12x12 oil/canvas 2018 studio

Part of a series painted this Winter. I am amazed by the power of beavers to transform a landscape.  $500.
Katahdin Bog View 12x16 oil/board 2017
As seen on the road to Daicey Pond Baxter State Park.. $650
Winter Lodging 11x14 oil/board 2017

The beaver hut on the bog under snow so quiet.  $575.
Fall Lodging 
Oil/Canvas 14x18 2016

I can canoe to this location and observe the beaver lodge in a moment of Fall.  $700.
Beaver Dam 12x16 oil/board 2017

I am amazed to see this new dam constructed in the course of a season along a stream in Phillips.  $575.
Tree Wells and Birches 
Oil/Canvas 16x16  2017

This Winter deep snow around the birches sculpted by wind and melt create tree wells.  $700.
Carrabassett View of Bigelow Spring 14x18 oil/board 2016

I skied along Maine Huts and Trails for this view late Winter $700.
Sap House Farmington 11x14 2016

Red roof always catches my attention on this sap house Farmington $575.
Emergence 14x11 oil/board 2016

Winter gives way to warm ochers and sienna and rock walls emerge in Spring.  $575.
Doubletop Baxter State Park  12x19 2016

Every year I paint in Baxter.  Doublet set along the Nessoudunk Stream inspires joy in my heart.  Available Blue Hill Bay Gallery $700.
Maine Huts and Trails View Bigelows 12x19 2016

Bigelow Mt. and its foothills of hardwoods glow in this late  Winter moment.  I was filmed painting this by the Maine Huts Staff. $700.
Top of Bald Mountain View 12x16 2016

This painting is done from a sketch atop of Bald in Oquossoc.  The light on the snow and distant ice and open water give a sense of season. $650.
Mountain Gestalt 12x12 2017

I am experimenting with pure color and form to suggest light on Saddleback.  Clean color and gesture was my aim.  $550.
WinterGlow 12x16 2017

From the Flagstaff Hut near Flagstaff Lake wind blows across the frozen landscape.  studio.  $650.
Phillips Homestead Along The Sandy 
Oil/Board 12x12 2017

A cold day to paint outdoors, but I did it. I liked the light shining through the shed and on the roof..  $550.
Boiling Time At The Sugarhouse 
Oil/Board  12x16 2017

I painted this while Day Mountain owner boiled the sap to make maple syrup.  I could smell the syrup from the vapor.  $650.
Winter Grotto 16x12 oil/board 2018

I found this moment of beauty along a ditch near my driveway as Winter claimed the stream.  $600.
All Work Copyright Valerie Aponik

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