Valerie Aponik
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Morning Light Grand Manan 12x19 oil/board 2017

Light simplifies the facets of huge cliffs on the Island.  $650.
Field and Barn Sawyer Square 12x16 oil/board 2016

The height of Summer fireweed   near a prominent barn in Jonesport.  $575.  Sold
Lubec Smokehouses 12x12 oil/board 2017

Efforts to save the legacy of the smokehouses along Lubec's waterfront, bits of red paint and the trio caught my eye. $500.
Serviceberry Blooming 14x18 2017

I liked the blooms and butterscotch foliage against the sky in the salt meadow.
Quiet Cove In Fog oil/canvas 18x24

Painting in fog, I look for the warm notes that are so beautiful in all of the grays of fog.  $900.
Wetlands Acadia 18x24 oil/canvas 2017

Painted in Northeast Harbor late Fall. I am drawn to the color of wetland vegetation.  $900.
Spring on The Ledge 11x14 oil/board 2017

The rhodora and spruce growing in nature's perfect landscape.  $500.
Summer Field 14x18 oil/board 2016

This rolling field sparkled in the late Summer.  I liked the contrast of warm vegetation and cool Mountain.  $675.
This will be shownArt Works For The Land and Garden Preserve Benefit
Island Symphony 24x24 2017

This is a studio piece done from a small plein air painting of surf in front of my home on Great Wass Island.  $1200.
Ice Out Sandy River 12x16 oil/board

Sudden January thaw throws up ice along the banks of the Sandy River. Painting outdoors in Winter demands quick and bold color choice. $650.
Available Roux & Cyr Gallery Portland.
Island Gems 12x16 2016

I was after the momentary light contrasting the hills and little Island.
$575. Available Star Gallery
Island Garden 24x24  oil/canvas 2017  studio

This garden painting is done from a small plein air sketch.  $1200. This will be presented for the Art Works For The Land and Garden Preserve August 8.
Passing Light 12x16 2016

November light in front of Mark Island as Winter ocean turns viridian and gold.  $575.
Merchant Homestead 14x18  oil/board 2016

The color of the old asphalt shingle house and strong Fall light drew me to paint.  The old shepard was a willing model.  $600. Available Roux & Cyr Gallery Portland
Meeting In The Fog 14x18 2016

Fog is my constant companion on Great Wass Island.  I can still hear the ducks chortle in the cove.  $600.
Available Roux & Cyr Gallery Portland
October Moment 11x14 2016

Sometimes I see a painting in a moment-- Fall Barrens glow against cloudy skies.  Crows helped to give movement to the season. $575. Available Archipelago.
Morning Glimpse MDI 12x16 2016

Sullivan has a grand view of Acadia from across the bay. The sailboat ready for the day's adventure.  $575.
September Maine Coast 14x14 2016

I always seek color spots that set the landscape in movement and joy.  $600.
Cadillac Mountain View 2 24x36 2016

Painted from my plein air sketch from the classic view atop of Cadillac. I liked the grand scale of the view. $2400.
Super  Moon oil/board 14x18 2016

I painted this on the eve of the supermoon.  I was using head lamp on and off  to see the colors I was choosing to convey light. $600.
Available Roux & Cyr Gallery
Honoring the Jonesport/Beals Bridge oil/canvas 16x20 2016

Built in 1950s this bridge is slated to be replaced 2017.  These working waterfront wharves will be preserved.
The Butter House 12x19 oil/board

Charles Beal homestead was called the butter house because of its color. $650.
All Work is copyright  Valerie Aponik 2017
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